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Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics and Medical Equipment

History Of The Faculty


1958 Resolution of the Supreme Soviet  Plenum of the Russian Federation about establishing the Branch of Moscow Machine-building  Institute in Vladimir.  The fist enrolment  (200 students) was made, classes began at two faculties.

1964 The order of RF Minvus  about establishing Vladimir Evening Politechnical Institute was issued. Radio-Instrument aking-aculty appeared.

1971 The devision of Radio-instrument Making Faculty into Radio-engineering  and Instrument-making faculties.

2000 Unification of five chairs of two faculties and formation of the Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics and Medical Equipment  (REMEF).



For the recent 10 years the faculty has actively developed relations with the higher schools of US, Sweden, Germany, Italy. Internships, students and faculty members exchange are arranged.  International scientific-technical conferences are held. Joint projects are implemented. Agreed research is carried out. The faculty has an active collaboration with south-Illinois University (USA), Central-Michigan  University  (USA).


Structure of the Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics and Medical Equipment

     More than 70 faculty members, 80% of whom have scientific degrees, work at the  faculty. 12 of them  are doctors.
     Currently, about 1500 students, including foreigners study at the faculty. They follow one of 3 degree courses & major in one of the 12 areas.
     The most advanced and capable students and postgraduates get personal grants supplied by RF President, RF Government, Vladimir region administration, Administration of Vladimir, the University Board. At present there are 15 such scholar-ship holders.  
     More that 200 students study on the contract base, special-purpose training according to the contracts with PLC «Autupribor», PLC  «Electropribor» and other organizations. More than 30 people take postgraduate courses. doctor’s Dissertation Boars is  functioning successfully. 
     The faculty has got contracts on the joint pre-University training with a member of high schools of Vladimir and Vladimir region. In accordance with these contracts there are the so-called profile classes at the faculty. Besides, the faculty has intense contacts  with schools at the Regional Lyceum (the department of the  faculty with branches in the towns of Vyazniky, Yuriev-Polsky, Raduzhny).
     For the period of 1998-2003 the faculty trained about 800 specialists including citizens from foreign countries). More than 80 people got diplomas with honours. 
     The faculty graduates work in various fields of industry  and business in the cities of Russia, close  and distant  foreign countries.

Steps of the specialists multilevel Training


Annual Eurolment:
     engineering specialities – по 25 people per each speciality
     master degree program – по 10 people per each speciality
The form of Training
Day-time, correspondence, accelerated course, full-time-part time
Multi-level structure of training:
Bachelor-engineer-master-doctor-senior doctor.

Scientific Research Work


The faculty carries out scientific-research work in coutract-based and state-supported subjects with the total volume of more than 2 mln rubles. This work is also done within Federal special-purpose program «Integration» jointly with the Institute of research RAN and Institute of radioengineering and electronics RAN.



Fields of  scientific Research


Radiophysical methods and devices of natural media diagnostics

Modeling of  radioengineering systems and communication systems

Improvement of communication telecommunication systems, Information defence


Physical methods of coutroling parameters of semiconductor microcircuits and protection of electronic devices from mechanical effects

Radiation-laser methods of processing, coutrolling and testing materials and products of semiconductor


Hardware-software devices of medical equipment

Ee Pe

Designing and optimization of  electroengineering                and electropower engineering devices and systems


Development of new methods of instruments, measurement and control algothims research


     International scientific-technical conferences «Physics Radioelectronics in medicine and ecology» and «Perspective technologies in the means of data transmission» are annually on the subjects of scientific research. Scientific workshops, scientific sessions and schools are also held. All of them are followed by the publication of scientific papers. 
     Since 2001 a Periodical ALL-Russian scientific-technical journal  «Design and technology of  radioelectronic devices» has been published. It was registed by Sertification Commitlee of the Russian Federation.
     Scientific youth school dealing with information digital processing is functioning at the faculty.  Students of the faculty take an active part in scientific work. This fact is confirmed by anmeal publications, exhibits, presentations at home conferences and abroad, as well as by the appropriate rewards.

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